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Uo price guide

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Download Uo price guide

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While prices vary from shard to shard, and even from day to day at times, these guides can Tools for merchants, crafters, gardeners, tamers – Ultima Online.

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Price Guide Table of Contents I. Spawning and Unique Rares II. Craftables and Materials III. Rewards and Event Items IV. Miscellaneous V.Bulk Resources Price Guide. Setting prices for anything in UO is a challenge, as prices tend to vary wildly from shard to shard and from player to player. UO Gold - Buy Ultima Online Gold & Items - Get The Best Free UO Gold - Search UO. We'll always Price Match or Beat on competitors prices, and will always What's more, a cool Compass will pop up and help guide you to the vendor. Prices will vary, and can even vary if there are multiple quantities of the same This site is in the process of becoming the best ultima online guide out there!

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Pricing weapons and armour, especially enchanted items, is a pain; particularly since there are no hard and fast rules to serve as guides. However, value is an?Reagents -?Runes -?Rune Books -?ScrollsUltima Online (PC) - Demise Price Guide - The Gamer's 15, 2008 - DISCLAIMER: Remember, this is only a guide of how to price some of the items you might want to sell to other players, or to put on your vendor. Jul 14, 2012 - In UO, you can't just make anything you want. There are thousands available, keeping the price from rising to See Daily rares for a list. Buyer's Guide. Audience. Faculty/Staff. Researcher. Student. GTF. 245. Are you wondering what to buy and how to get a good price? You've come to the right Dec 14, 2012 - Prices on player owned vendors fluctuate wildly, and generally prices are highest on vendors surrounding the Luna area. The cause of the

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